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Neil released his first EP, ‘Analog Boy’ in the autumn of 2014, giving people a taste of the soulful influences that inspire his music. Inspirations stem from a fusion of Soul, RnB, Funk and Neo Soul.

“Since I can remember I’ve had a connection to music. There is nothing more powerful than music, when Lyrics, Melody and Rhythm coming together to move you emotionally….” “I would sit for hours as a child and listen to my parents vinyl, playing the greats such as Sam Cooke, Bill Withers and Otis Redding, I’d listen in wonder at the power, control and feeling that went into each track, I knew then that music is where my passion lay”



Meet the Team

The ‘Analog Boy EP’ was Co written with Guitarist Ben Jones, the pair have been working together musically for the past few years. 

Paul White (www.pwhitedrums.com) is the featured drummer on the EP, “I was blessed that Paul agreed to involved with the EP, his rhythm sections bring the tracks to life”. 

Claire Onions was the creator of the Album art (www.a6cbophotography.co.uk





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