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Welcome to the site!

Neil John Onions is a singer song writer currently living in North London, this website gives you access to his most recent recordings and sessions, as well as up and coming gigs.


Neil was born into the world in Solihull (Midlands). After growing up in Tamworth as a boy surrounded by music and after studying music as a teen his passion for singing grew.

Having spent several years traveling and working with all sectors of society, Neil moved to London in 2012 to focus on his life long passion, Music.

Neil has spent the past few years working with some of the best vocal coaches around to explore his abilities and define who he is as artist.

Many of the original songs you can hear on this website have been inspired by his experiences traveling and working all over the world.


As you will hear on this website Neil’s influences are a fusion of Soul, Gospel, Jazz and R’n’B.

“Since I can remember I’ve had a fascination with music, as a young child I would sit for hours playing my parents Vinyl collection over and over absorbing the sound......”

“When most kids my age where listening to chart music I was blessed to be discovering Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder. I would sit in amazement listening to Sade, Etta James and Billy Holiday sing from a place that moved me emotionally, I knew then, music is where my passion lay....”

You can keep up to date with Neil Via Twitter
and SoundCloud